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The growth of computing power, the explosion of information networks and the ever-increasing ease of interfacing different and varied application programs continues to accelerate the growth of information we must manage and maintain.

The one thing lacking has been the tools and services needed to manage this deluge. Little time and effort is needed to generate vast reports and filing cabinets full of paper. Through the life cycle of information, we spend 5-15% of that time to create it, the rest of its history we spend maintaining it; filing, copying, distributing, faxing, re-filing and often searching for, or replacing, lost and misplaced files.

CD-COM can help you with this challenge. Information has widely varying retention schedules, value, and access needs. From simply lowering the cost of long-term document retention, to real-time access for critical business data, we can create a unique set of services and procedures to address each of your different types of data.

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